Financial Literacy Month - April

books on finance

“April showers bring May flowers,” goes the old saying. It’s also a great lesson about the importance of saving – where weathering some light showers can pay dividends during the nicer days that are to come.

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College Visits

Students standing together

Choosing where you go to college isn’t an easy task.

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Holiday Shopping Hacks

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Smart shopping starts with a list of all your recipients. Organize friends and family into groups based on cost level and jot down ideas for possible presents.

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Smartphone Devotees

People holding a smartphone

You may not think you’re addicted to your phone, but they were created to keep us completely absorbed and captivated. In fact, average American adults check their phone every 12 minutes, spending more than 4 hours on their phone daily. For teens and young adults, those numbers are even higher.

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