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As a Ideal Credit Union member, you have access to a full range of accounts and services to meet your needs. Best of all, you'll find our professional staff is always ready with friendly, personal service. Our goal is to help you profit by giving you more for your money. Take a look at our helpful deposit products below:

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Are you planning to offer a high-deductible health plan? Or, does your company already offer one? If so, your employees can pair it with an HSA from Ideal CU. Our HSAs have a competitive yield with no fees and no minimum distribution amount. Interest earned on this account is also tax free. With an HSA from Ideal CU your employees can pay for their medical expenses with ease! Learn more about Health Savings Accounts.

Simplified Employee Pension Plan

This tax-favored plan enables self-employed and small employers to build retirement funds through our high-yield savings accounts or CDs, without administrative or maintenance expenses often associated with other types of pension plans.

No Interest/No Dividends Savings Account

Some organizations require funds to be deposited into a no interest/no dividends savings account, per business resolution requirements. Ideal CU supports our clubs, organizations, and non-profits by providing this essential account.

Premium Money Market Account

With Ideal CU, your business has access to great deposit rates. Whether you're saving for tax payments, a future purchase or seeking the best rate for your business's cash assets, our tiered money market account is an exceptional way to earn more interest on your funds while retaining liquidity.

Certificates of Deposit

CDs are popular because they deliver insured safety, attractive guaranteed fixed rates, and terms ranging from 91 days to 5 years. Minimum deposits start as low as $100. Interest is compounded monthly for all terms. See current CD rates and specials.

Share Savings Account

Our share savings is a fundamental account that entitles your business to membership at Ideal CU. The minimum opening deposit is $1. It enables you to build your assets and offers automatic transfers to your linked business checking account for overdraft protection.

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