Monitor your Ideal Credit Union accounts With Notify Me Alerts!

Receive alerts by text message or email to stay on top of your account activity to detect fraud within seconds.

Account Activity Alerts

Opt-in to receive account alerts to monitor specific account activity, transactions and balances. Use this feature to avoid service charges, ensure transactions are cleared, and be alerted to any suspicious activity. Account Activity Alerts include:

  • overdrawn accounts
  • low balance notifications
  • cleared checks
  • direct deposits made
  • transactions for certain amounts that you decide

Security Alerts

Security alerts are delivered automatically to the email address associated with your email address in Ideal CU Online Banking. Security Alerts are sent when:

  • Changes are made to account login credentials (Access ID or passcode)
  • Online transfers from Ideal CU accounts
  • Online transfers to external accounts at other financial instiutions

Elect to have security alerts sent to a secondary email and/or your mobile device by text message.

Set Up Your Alerts

  • Log in to Ideal CU Online Banking and locate the Notify Me Alerts tab
  • Ensure your contact information is correct in the box. To update, click the "Update Email Address/Mobile Number" button
  • Select the tab of alerts you wish to customize in each category (Account Activity, Messaging or Security)
  • Subscribe to any or all of 16 alerts available from the three tabs
  • Using the edit option, customize the frequency and delivery mode for your alerts (email or text). You can enter up to two email address

Note: When entering a new mobile number, you will be required to enter a registration code that has been sent to your mobile phone. Once the registration code has been entered on the website, the phone will be enrolled.