Ideal Credit Union (Ideal CU) is a member owned financial institution.  We specialize in providing excellent member service, great rates and convenience.  Our membership is open to everyone in the metro area and we offer a broad array of products and services. 

The Ideal CU Difference - Banks have customers, Credit Union's have members.

So what's the big difference? Well, technically it means that each of our "members" actually owns a share of the Credit Union. Therefore each member holds voting rights when it comes to matters such as electing Ideal CU's Board of Directors.

More meaningful perhaps is what our membership structure doesn't include - things like stockholders for instance. Rather than existing with the first priority of providing a profit for stockholders, as is the case with many banks, Credit Unions like Ideal CU exist with the sole purpose of providing the most value possible to their membership. In other words, our only stockholders are our members.

That's why the interest we pay out on our Savings Accounts are referred to dividends. We can offer extremely competitive rates because we only have to answer to you, our member.