By Jane Hennen on Tuesday, Mar 29th, 2016
Category: Blog

Minnesota Weather – 70 degrees one day, then 39 degrees, just days later!

We truly do experience all types of weather in Minnesota, especially in the Twin Cities area.  We’ve had record highs, close to 70 degrees, then 39 degrees for highs, just days later. 

Do you get sick when there’s a turn like 30 degrees, just days, just hours later?

A lot of people and vendors that I work with, that live in other states do think Minnesotan’s are nuts and ask me frequently, “Why do you chose to live in Minnesota?”  For me, I was born and raised here. I like living by my family.  Plus I don’t want to spend hours and hours on the overcrowded interstate to get to work each day like California.  I also like the change in seasons, hard to get bored with the weather when it’s constantly changing.  I also like the Minnesota-Niceness!  When I walk my dogs, the people I pass are always friendly with a “Hello” and five minute chat, typically about the weather.  Doesn’t everyone seem to be a little happier when the sun's out and it’s a little warmer?

Weather is something that you can have a conversation about, with about anyone of any age with.  It’s one thing that we all experience every day and have in common.  So enjoy friends the 70 degree days, and then also the 30 degree days.