Retirement Planning

Preparing for Your Future

Living the retirement of your dreams means making your money last. Yet outliving our money is a worry we all have. What’s the secret to securing your financial future? Start a goal-oriented savings plan today – and stick with it.

Saving for Retirement

It’s how people save to buy a home, to send the kids to college and retire in comfort. During your working years, take a portion of your paycheck and put it into a separate, special account. If you don’t see it, you don’t miss it. As this money accumulates, move it to more long-term investments consistent with your goals. With retirement, time is your friend. Properly invested, money has growth potential.

When should you retire?

After a lifetime of work, are you financially prepared for retirement? You’re in control of the decision and can be confident you’ll make the right one, especially if you’ve done your preparation and homework. Let Wealth Advisors help you review your asset and liabilities to help you determine your net worth.

Do you know your retirement shortfalls? Use this calculator to help you determine if you have a retirement shortfall.

wealth advisors team photoCraig Lundquist, VP of Wealth Management, and Kristin Becker, Senior Administrative Assistant

Let Us Help

Whether you have one financial issue you want to tackle today or realize it’s time to put together a comprehensive financial strategy, Ideal Wealth Advisors will take the time to listen and learn about your unique situation.

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