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There are a lot of things you want and need. A little planning and money management can get you even more. That’s why Ideal offers specialized products to help students achieve their future financial goals.

Student Checking

The Ideal Student Checking Account is designed to meet the unique needs of high school and college students by providing cost-savings and 24/7 digital banking access.

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Student Savers CD

The Ideal CU Student Savers CD earns high school students a high competitive rate. The Student Savers CD is only available available for members age 14-17. On the student's 18th birthday, funds will be deposited into their Share Savings Account.

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Credit Builder Loan

Ideal Student Credit Union offers a special loan for those looking to establish credit and build a solid financial foundation. A sound credit record can help in applying for jobs, house or apartment rentals, credit cards, auto and other loans, and much more later in life.

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Student Checking Account: Student Checking: $50 minimum opening deposit. Parent/guardian must be on account if student is under 18.

Student Savers CD: The Student Savers CD must be in the teen’s name and only one Student Savers CD per teen can be opened. The minimum opening balance is $25 and additional dollars can be added at any time, up to the limit of $1,000. Restrictions apply because this Certificate is intended to be used only for the teen’s own money. Student must have a Student Checking account in good standing to qualify for Student Savers CD. If the student needs to cash in the CD prior to their 18th birthday, a penalty of 100% of the interest earned will be assessed.

Student Credit Builder Loan: Loan funds are held in the share savings account until the loan is paid in full. Payment example: on a loan with 3.05% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) over an 18 month term, monthly payments would be $56.91 per $1,000 borrowed. Loan rate varies as share rate changes. Monthly or biweekly payment options available. If delin­quency exceeds 61 days, share account will be cashed out and the loan repaid in full. Autopay may be required. Terms and conditions of the Credit Builder Loan are subject to change. Co-signer required on loans for individuals under the age of 18. Not all members will qualify. Depending on members’ specific circumstances, it is possible that not all members will have a stronger credit record at the end of the term.