Geneva is the Marketing & Events Coordinator at Ideal Credit Union. She has been an employee for Ideal CU for more than 20 years. Her key role is to connect with members in the community about Ideal CU through different platforms.

Some of Geneva’s hobbies include finding recipes on Pinterest and testing them out for her family, watching her three children play ALL the sports, and of course binge watching her shows on Netflix.

Improving Your Fraud IQ For Better Awareness & Protection

Raising Your Fraud IQ to Match Today’s Digital Threats

In an era where digital transactions are commonplace, the concept of fraud IQ has become increasingly important. While many of us pride ourselves on our emotional intelligence and general IQ, our ability to detect and protect against fraud attempts is a critical skill that is not the same as standard intelligence. The reality is that in the digital landscape, our finances are constantly at risk from sophisticated scams designed to exploit vulnerabilities.

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Signs You're Falling for a Romance Scam


Warning Signs You’re Falling For a Romance Scam

With Valentine's Day just behind the bend, many of us may find ourselves seeking companionship and connection through online dating platforms. However, amidst the excitement of potential matches, it's essential to remain vigilant against the rising threat of romance scams.

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Guide to Card Security and Fraud Prevention

Introduction to Card Security

Debit and credit card security is increasingly important in our digital age. As we rely more on plastic and digital transactions, the risks of card fraud also rise. We will introduce you to the basics of credit card security, emphasizing the importance of being aware and proactive in protecting your financial information.

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Your Path to Financial Wellness: Debt Consolidation with Ideal CU

Building a Debt-Free Future

If you’ve decided to start on a journey to your Ideal debt-free future, we have tools to help you!

We understand that having debt can feel like carrying a heavy weight. Our goal is to offer you a way to lighten this load, paving the way to a future where financial worries don’t drag you down. 

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