Geneva is the Marketing & Events Coordinator at Ideal Credit Union. She has been an employee for Ideal CU for more than 20 years. Her key role is to connect with members in the community about Ideal CU through different platforms.

Some of Geneva’s hobbies include finding recipes on Pinterest and testing them out for her family, watching her three children play ALL the sports, and of course binge watching her shows on Netflix.

The Goals and Consequences of Smishing Scams

Understanding the Scammer's Intent

Though smishing is a recently invented and silly-sounding word, the potential fallout of such a scam is considerable. Smishing, a mix of "SMS" and "phishing," is a type of phishing scam conducted through text messages. Smishing scams aim to exploit the unguarded attitude people often feel with their smartphones, capitalizing on the trust and urgency that text messages often carry.

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Avoiding Vacation and Travel Scams This Summer

A Guide to Safe Summer Travels

Summer is a prime time for travel, but it can also be a season for scammers looking to take advantage of travelers. To travel safely and avoid scams, it's important to make your plans carefully and use reliable resources. Start by booking your travel through well-known, reputable agencies or direct service providers like airlines and hotels. Verify the authenticity of any travel deals by comparing them across multiple platforms. And before you leave, inform your bank of your travel plans to avoid any interruptions in service due to unusual activity. 


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5 Key Home Buying Negotiating Strategies to Get a Better Deal

Understanding the Role of Negotiation in Home Purchases

Negotiation is a pivotal element in the home buying process, often serving as the deciding factor in securing a property under terms favorable to you. This initial stage sets the tone for the transaction and requires a blend of strategy, communication and foresight. For buyers, understanding the nuances of negotiation can mean the difference between an overpriced purchase and buying one at (or even under!) market value. More than that, effective negotiation can also influence the other terms and conditions of the sale in your favor. But negotiation is not a skill that all aspiring homeowners have practiced, making it important to prepare for this stage of your home-buying journey.

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What Happens After A Home Inspection?


The Importance of a Home Inspection

A home inspection is a highly recommended part of the home-buying process, providing valuable insights into the condition of the property and uncovering potential issues that might not be visible at first glance. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate investor, understanding the significance of a thorough home inspection can save you from unexpected costs and ensure that your investment is sound. Understand the critical steps to take after receiving your home inspection report, from reviewing findings to negotiating repairs and adjustments, so you can confidently move forward with your home purchase.

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