By Jane Hennen on Wednesday, Apr 27th, 2016
Category: Blog

Mother’s Day – Should we take Mom out to eat, OR make a meal at home?

Mother’s Day!  What does it mean for all Mothers and how do they want to celebrate the day?   

Do some want to spend time with their kids with a meal at home?  Or do they prefer going out to eat? Do some Mother’s want to be surprised with breakfast in bed? 

Or do some just want to be left alone to either take a nap, take a walk, or do their nails?

We’ve always taken my Mom out to eat for a brunch somewhere nice, like a super club or golf course. This was so that her kitchen wouldn’t get messed up for all of us woman, who are mothers to clean.  Thanks Mom for thinking of us, too!

If your Mom lives far away and you cannot go to her house for a meal, or take her out to eat, do you at least call her and wish her “A Happy Mother’s Day, Mom”?

It’s truly a unique day for all Mothers and what they prefer is really up to them.  Maybe some Mom’s don’t even want to celebrate the day and that’s ok.  So, it might be best to ask your Mom, on what she prefers.  Make sure and ask a few days, few weeks or a month early, in case you need to make a reservation, the restaurants do seem to fill up pretty quickly.