By Cindy Kurtz on Wednesday, Apr 13th, 2016
Category: Blog

Paper Chains

I don’t often use the paper cutter at work anymore. On the rare occasion I do, I think about my Grandma Lucy and the times she worked as a substitute teacher at my grade school. You see, when Gram was filling in, I could lead the class in an art project of my choosing. Most of the time it involved cutting strips of colored paper to make paper chains. I remember the collective groans of my classmates when it was clear our regular studies would be replaced with yet another meaningless art adventure, but I loved it!

I have never been a talented artist, but my grandparents indulged and encouraged me nonetheless. They let me create my own “art studio” in a spare bedroom of their house. They generously gave me money for paints and other art supplies. They “ooh-ed” and “ah-ed” at my creations like they were the works of a master. And they never once made me feel like I should give up – on anything!! No wonder I spent more time at their house than my own!

So today, when I trimmed up certificates for an upcoming meeting, I looked at the strips of goldenrod paper on the side of the paper cutter and smiled. Art project anyone?