Cashback Checking

A personal checking account that earns you cash back on purchases

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How to earn cash back each month

Earn a monthly cashback bonus1 of up to $10 based on the amount of total transactions made with your Ideal Debit Mastercard® each month. Qualify by meeting the following requirements each month:

  • $1,500 or higher monthly direct deposit
  • Be enrolled in eStatements
  • 20 or more Ideal Debit Card transactions per month

1 You earn 0.25% cashback up to a maximum payout of up to $10 monthly. Cashback bonus is based on the total amount of net signature-based or PIN authorized Ideal Debit Mastercard® purchases made during any statement cycle. ATM transactions do not apply.


Minimum $50 deposit required to open a personal checking account.

*Ideal CU withdrawal charges may still apply.