Don’t Be A Victim Of A Social Security Scam

Man talking on phone

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning of a surge in Social Security scams heartlessly targeting the elderly who depend on Social Security benefits for basic living needs. The scammers also know that the elderly can be overly trusting, making them easy victims. And, unfortunately, these scams are too often successful. Here’s how these scams work:

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How To Survive Thanksgiving If You Can’t Get Home

Friends thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family. If you live far from home though, making the trip to see them might not be an option. But, that doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole week curled up in bed. To fight the homesick blues, gather your still-in-town friends and make your very own Friendsgiving dinner! Here are a few tips to give your holiday meal the classic flavors of home.

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How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Winter Ready Home

Keep your home warm and safe this winter by following this comprehensive to-do list before the real cold sets in.

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Do I Still Need a Landline?

phone booth

We still have a landline at my house. Why? My hubby and I have asked ourselves that question many times, especially when the bill comes every month and the majority of calls we get are robocalls. Everyone in my household has a cell phone, so why not cut the wire? Here are a few of the main reasons people like me hang on to their landlines — and why some of those reasons may not actually matter.

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