5 Steps to Take When Applying for a Business Loan

Plants growing out of coins

If your business can use a shot of cash to help it grow, fund a move, or get through its slowest season, a business loan can be the right answer. 

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8 Ways to Spot a Survey Scam

Computer screen with survey

Survey scams are almost as old as the internet. They’re so prevalent, that you can hardly spend an hour online without running into an ad for a “super quick” survey promising a reward for just a few minutes of your time. 

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What to Buy and What to Skip in July

Flowers in a field

The days are still long and filled with sunshine. Although retailers would have you think otherwise, school is still a long way off. If you’re looking to save on some purchases this month, you can find lots of bargains around Independence Day weekend and beyond. Here’s what to buy and what to skip in July. 

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The Pros and Cons of Buying a Car in 2022

Couple Buying a Car

If you’re in the market for a new-to-you vehicle, you’re likely prepared to experience sticker shock. It’s no secret that prices on new and used cars have soared since the beginning of 2020, and experts aren’t expecting them to fall anytime soon. 

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