Beware the USPS Smishing Text Scam

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Your phone pings, alerting you to a new text. You swipe to find a message from the USPS. It tells you the scheduled delivery for your package has been changed and they want you to click on a link to confirm. Just one click, and it’ll be done. Stop! Don’t click that link.

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6 Financial Mistakes And How To Fix Them

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Like many people, you may have spent your 20s making financial decisions that served you well in the moment, but may not have been particularly responsible. Dinner out several times a week, credit card bills you barely looked at and luxury cars way beyond your budget.

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Ideal CU Business Member Spotlight - Xpressmen Logistic Services

Business Name: Xpressmen Logistic Services
Location: Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN
Owner: Seth Jones
Opened for Business: 2005
Website:  https://xpressmenlogistics.wixsite.com/xpressmen-logistics


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Ideal CU Has Partnered with Cyber Security Expert Jim Stickley to Provide Ongoing Education and Resources

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Ideal Credit Union dedicated the month of March to Cyber Security Awareness Month and has recently partnered with Jim Stickley, a nationally recognized cyber security expert and his company, Stickley on Security, to provide education and resources for keeping your information safe online. 

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