Smartphone Devotees

People holding a smartphone

You may not think you’re addicted to your phone, but they were created to keep us completely absorbed and captivated. In fact, average American adults check their phone every 12 minutes, spending more than 4 hours on their phone daily. For teens and young adults, those numbers are even higher.

Smartphones are the ultimate oxymoron. They were created to help us multitask and save time, but we waste hours upon hours on them every day. They help us stay connected, but we’re more lonely and disconnected than ever.

So, are you brave enough to break out of the smart phone habits? Check out some of the ways you can detach from your phone.

1. Use apps to track the time you spend on your phone 

Ironically, one way to wean yourself off your phone is to use an app. Download Checky or Moment to see how much time you actually spend on your phone. You might be shocked by the number of hours you actually spend thumbing through your device. Moment will even let you track the time you spend on each particular app.Once you have this information in hand, use it to set restrictions on how you spend time on your phone.

2. Socialize without it

The sight of a group of friends supposedly socializing, but each bent over their own device, has become so familiar it’s almost cliché. But, if you take a minute to think about it, being busy with your phone when you’re out with friends is like frankly telling them you’d rather be somewhere else. Keep your phone out of sight when you’re spending time with family or friends. You might discover that socializing IRL (In Real Life) totally kicks what you can do on-screen.

3. Spend your meals apart 

Yes, you can actually enjoy a good meal without sharing it with your crowd of Instagram followers. Stop snapping and focus on your food. You’ll make smarter meal choices and enjoy it more when you’re eating alone.

4. Give it the cold shoulder

Be brave and turn off all notifications on your phone except for phone and text messages. You don’t really need to know every time a retailer sends you a promotional email or an app alerts you about something senseless. Every notification compels you to pick up your phone again. So, turn them off and you’ll be less inclined to waste time on your phone.

5. Prepare for withdrawal symptoms

Breaking up with a significant other is never easy. Scientists have found that phone addiction is very real – and so are the withdrawal symptoms people experience when they try to disengage from their devices. Be prepared for feelings of anxiety and restlessness for the first few days after you break up with your phone. Don’t worry; you’ll get over it soon. Change your habits, even make it a New Year’s resolution – always challenge yourself!

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