Creating a Strong PIN (Personal Identification Number)

Chart on creating Strong Passwords

Did you know that a strong PIN (Personal Identification Number) can keep hackers from breaking into your accounts? Here are 5 easy tips to help you create strong passwords:

1. Choose a unique sequence of numbers

Don’t use your date of birth, home address, phone number or that of a family member. Also, no set of repeating numbers, such as 1111 or 3333. Avoid any variation of commonly used — and commonly hacked — passwords.

2.. Mix it up

Vary capitalization and types of characters used, switching back and forth from letters to numbers to symbols.

3.. Make it extra long

A 9- or 12-digit PIN is more secure than a 4-digit number. If you can, include symbols, letters and varied punctuation.

4. Change your PIN 

Experts recommend changing your PIN at least twice a year. This helps keep your accounts safe!

5. Use a password manager

A password manager, like 1password, will remember all your passwords. You’ll only need to create and remember one master password. Don’t let your devices remember passwords.

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