How To Keep Your Guard Up Against The Newest Scams


It seems like there’s always a new data leak or identity theft trick to be worried about. If you’re not informed, you risk becoming a victim. Sitting back and waiting for news about scams to come to you may not be enough. In an ever-changing security climate, you need to stay on top of new threats in personal information security.

Why the landscape changes so fast

The bad news is that humans have become the weak link in the information chain. Breaking modern encryption algorithms takes high-powered supercomputers months, if not years. Information you intended to send online or over the phone being hijacked by nefarious people is not quite as likely. The biggest danger is sending information to people you don’t intend to be the recipients.

That’s why scams crop up so quickly. Humans can be tricked in any number of ways. Scammers can appeal to fear, greed or sentimentality in different forms to trick information out of you. They can also rely on inattention to detail or carelessness. This is because humans have a number of built-in vulnerabilities.

Unlike a computer, you can’t just download the latest anti-virus software to your brain. You can, however, do the next best thing: Stay current on evolving cyber-crime situations.

Resources for YOU!

Ideal CU has partnered with Stickley on Security, a well-known information security company, to bring you the resources and information you need to set yourself up for success should you ever encounter potential scams or fraud. Read through hundreds of articles updated daily with the latest security news and receive weekly email updates. Learn More You can also join a live Q & A session with Jim Stickley, CEO of Stickley on Security, as he shares his insights on how to better protect your identity online. Get answers to frequently asked questions about cyber security on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 and register today!

Remember, the computer age brought us wonderful improvements in our quality of life. We can seek entertainment, educate ourselves, and stay in touch with friends and family using a device that fits in your hand. With that greater connectivity comes the need for constant and careful scrutiny of the information that comes across our screens. In this struggle, too, knowing is half the battle.

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