Cyber Security Education Center

Cyber Security Education Center

We’ve partnered with Stickley on Security, a well-known information security company, to bring you the resources and information you need to set yourself up for success should you ever encounter potential scams or fraud.

Award-Winning Cyber Security & Fraud Community Education Program

Ideal CU is the recipient of a 2021 Minnesota Credit Union Network Marketing Award for Community Impact through our Cyber Security and Fraud Community Education program. We encourage all of our members and the community to use our valuable resources to help safeguard against fraud.

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Cyber Security On-Demand

Join a live Q & A session with Jim Stickley, CEO of Stickley on Security, as he shares his insights on how to better protect your identity online.

You can view recordings of our webinars by visiting Cyber Security On-Demand. Please also check out Ideal's new Cyber Security Feed, where you can read through hundreds of articles updated daily with the latest security news and receive weekly email updates.

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Cyber Security Feed and Weekly Email Newsletter

Here are the latest updates from our cyber security partner, Stickley on Security.


Security Resources

Learn more about privacy, identity and online security on the Federal Trade Commission's website.