6 Rules to Follow for Safe Curbside Pickup During a Lockdown

woman in car picking up food

Curbside pickup has become a popular way to support local businesses, especially restaurants that have had to close their dining rooms during the pandemic. But how do you protect yourself at the same time? Here are 6 helpful tips to keep in mind.

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Beware of COVID-19 Texting Scams

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The coronavirus pandemic has been raging on American shores for several months, but scammers are still finding new ways to exploit the panic, fear and uncertainty surrounding the virus to con people out of their money. The latest in a string of coronavirus scams involves a simple text message with criminal intent. Here’s all you need to know about the coronavirus text scam.

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What Should You Do With The Stimulus Money?

National Credit Union Foundation chart

Economic stimulus checks started going out this week, which raises the question - what should you do with the money? How do use the funds safely and in a way that benefits your financial health & well-being during this difficult time? Here are the six things the National Credit Union Foundation advises you to consider:

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5 Ways to Help Local Small Businesses Survive the Coronavirus Crisis

Support Local Business sign

Perhaps now more than ever before, "buy local, support local" is crucial to the survival of small businesses in our local communities. Here are just some of the ways you can support the businesses that need your help right now — while still staying safe.

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