Why did PCU change its name to Ideal Credit Union?

Our becoming Ideal Credit Union was a thoughtful and strategic move by our management and board of directors. There is no merger, no new ownership and no new management. So what is the reason behind the change? We are very proud of the 88-year history founded by the hard working principles of St. Paul postal worker employees. Over time the credit union grew by referrals and by small mergers that brought in over 200 Select Employee Groups (SEGs). Then several years ago, Postal Credit Union adopted a community charter serving the Twin Cities Metro Area. As a community based credit union, we are simply updating our name, look and feel to reflect today’s lifestyles in serving our expanded community.

Nothing has changed regarding your accounts

Your current account numbers and any loan or deposit obligations will remain the same. You will continue to use the same branch locations, see the same friendly faces, and receive the same awesome service. The phone numbers and branch locations will not change..

A smooth transition

We are diligently working towards our transformation, however it will take several months to fully transition. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we undergo this process. Thank you to all of our valued members, friends, and family for your support. We look forward to doing business with you as Ideal Credit Union.