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Digital Banking

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the enhanced Ideal Digital Banking? Choose from the topics below to find answers to common questions.

General FAQs

Mobile Banking (App) FAQs

Accounts Widget FAQ

Learn how to use the Accounts Widget. Included in this video:

  • Accounts Overview
  • Viewing transaction history
  • Setting Transaction Categories
    (starts at 1:00)
  • Viewing Account Details

Bill Pay Widget FAQs

Learn how to use the Bill Pay Widget.

Transfers Widget FAQs

Learn how to use the Transfers Widget. Included in this video:

  • Schedule one-time and recurring transfers
  • Transfer to another member's Ideal CU account
    (starts at 1:24)
  • Transfer to external accounts you own at other financial institutions
    (starts at 3:27)
  • Viewing or canceling scheduled transfers
    (starts at 6:07)
  • Viewing transfer history
    (starts at 6:45)


Settings FAQs

Credit Card Management FAQs

Mortgage Management FAQs

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