Overdraft Privilege

Add peace of mind to your checking account

Avoid the embarrassment and uncertainty of a declined transaction at a merchant or delaying an important payment. Enroll in Overdraft Privilege* so your ATM and debit card items are paid without any hassle or delay when there are insufficient funds. Without activating Overdraft Privilege on your Debit or ATM card, Ideal CU is required to decline the transaction at the point of sale when funds aren’t available.

Overdraft Privilege is a discretionary service added to your Ideal CU checking account to cover ATM and Debit card transactions when there are insufficient funds in your checking account and your other overdraft protection options have been used. There is no charge if the service is never used.

With Overdraft Privilege protection, Ideal Credit Union may pay overdrafts within the discretionary overdraft privilege limits, but payment by Ideal Credit Union is a discretionary courtesy and not a right or obligation. The limits on this discretionary overdraft service for consumer and business checking accounts are dynamic, meaning they can change daily based on specific account activity. Any and all fees charged, including without limitation the non-sufficient funds fees, will be included in the dynamic daily limit. You agree to hold the credit union harmless for any and all liability that may otherwise exist if an overdraft payment does not occur.

Overdraft Privilege protection is a discretionary program made possible by Ideal CU. We reserve the right not to pay items and may be suspended or permanently removed from the member's account if the account is not brought to good standing within 30 of first using Overdraft Privilege funds.

Enroll in overdraft privilege today

*An Overdraft Privilege fee of $35 will be imposed for each overdraft created by checks, ACH transactions or other electronic means, as applicable. Account balance must be brought to a positive balance within every 30 day period. Ideal CU in its sole and absolute discretion can cease paying overdrafts at any time without prior notice.