Free Ideal CU Debit Card

A convenient alternative to writing checks, your Ideal CU Debit MasterCard gives you easy access to cash at ATMs and secure purchasing power everywhere MasterCard® Debit is accepted worldwide. Get your FREE Ideal CU Debit MasterCard by opening a Ideal CU Checking Account.

Overdraft Protection

Never worry about overdrawing your checking account again. Ideal CU has several options to protect you. Ask a representative for information in order to determine which option is best for you. Sign up for Overdraft Protection.

Early Payday

When you set up Direct Deposit of payroll, or other income (Social Security, pension, etc) into your Ideal CU Checking account, Early Payday provides immediate access to your deposit - up to two days earlier - based on when Ideal CU receives the funds.

Sign up for Direct Deposit by completing this form and giving it to your employer's payroll department for processing. Start enjoying Early Payday today!

Surcharge-free withdrawals from MoneyPass and Shared Branch CO-OP Network ATMs nationwide*



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Online Check Reorder

Ideal CU makes it easy to reorder checks. You'll need the reorder form found in your checkbook which contains a unique 12-digit Reorder Identification Number (not your account number) and the start number. Reorder the same check design or choose a different style.

Please note: all name and address changes must be done through Ideal CU. Reorder checks.

Get cash at participating merchants using your personal PIN

Shop and get cash back all in one fell swoop. Now at participating merchants, you can get cash back right at the checkout, saving you a trip to the ATM. Simply swipe your Cash & Check Card, select ‘debit’ instead of ‘credit,’ and enter your PIN, it’s that easy.

Don’t know your PIN?

Call or visit us right away to get one assigned to you.

Using your PIN is more secure & convenient

Making purchases as ‘debit’ transactions does not require a signature. Instead, you have to enter your PIN, which only you have access to. Plus, avoid paying ATM-surcharge fees when getting cash back at the merchant. It’s a win-win!

The multi-purpose Cash & Check Card allows you to make purchases from your checking account, as well as conduct transactions at any ATM. You don't ever have to worry about carrying your checkbook.

Don't forget - if you have a Ideal CU Cash & Check Card and are planning to travel outside the U.S., make sure to let us know when and where you'll be traveling. Due to heightened debit and credit card security, your Ideal CU card(s) may not work in foreign countries (including Canada and Mexico) if you do not contact us in advance. Simply call 651-770-7000 or 800-247-0857 during normal business hours and we will put a note on your account.