How to Find Your Member (Account) Number

Your Member (Account) Number

Your Member (Account) Number is the unique number associated with your accounts at Ideal Credit Union. You can easily find your Member (Account) Number the following ways.

Look at your last account statement

If you receive paper statements in the mail, you can find your Member (Account) Number printed on the top.

Look on your printed checks

Your Member (Account) Number is printed on the bottom of your Ideal CU checks to the right of the routing number. Ignore any leading zeros before your account number. See example below.

check example account number



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Digital Banking

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Digital Banking Video Help

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How to re-enroll

Once the enhanced Ideal Digital Banking is available on Tuesday, September 25th, you will be able to re-enroll. This process only takes a few minutes.

Navigating your Dashboard

Learn how to navigate your Dashboard on desktop and mobile devices. In this video:

  • Welcome Center
  • Viewing your accounts
  • Accounts Snapshot
  • Learn about Widgets
    (your main menu items/tools)

Using the Accounts Widget

Learn how to use the Accounts Widget. Included in this video:

  • Accounts Overview
  • Viewing transaction history
  • Setting Transaction Categories
    (starts at 1:00)
  • Viewing Account Details

Using the Transfers Widget

Learn how to use the Transfers Widget. Included in this video:

  • Schedule one-time and recurring transfers
  • Transfer to another member's Ideal CU account
    (starts at 1:24)
  • Transfer to external accounts you own at other financial institutions
    (starts at 3:27)
  • Viewing or canceling scheduled transfers
    (starts at 6:07)
  • Viewing transfer history
    (starts at 6:45)

Using the Bill Pay Widget

Learn how to use the Bill Pay Widget.

Managing your Security Settings

Learn how to manage your Security Settings.

Managing your Account Notifications

Learn how to manage your Account Notifications.

Nickname accounts

You can nickname the accounts and loan products in your digital banking profile.

Re-enroll in Ideal Digital Banking

Re-enrollment is required to use Ideal Digital Banking

Current users must re-enroll beginning September 25th

All current users (members who have used any Ideal Online or Mobile Banking product in the past) will need to perform a one-time, quick re-enrollment process before logging in to the enhanced Ideal Digital Banking once it becomes available on Tuesday, September 25th. To re-enroll you will need:

  • Your member number
    Need help finding your member (account) number? Find out how
  • Your Access ID
    Same as the one you use now (Access IDs are referred to as “Usernames” in the enhanced Ideal Digital Banking)
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Access to your email inbox
    (the email address on file with Ideal Credit Union)
  • Up-to-date version of Adobe Reader
    Required to view/agree to disclosures and member eStatements. Download Here

Install or reinstall the Mobile App

Once you have re-enrolled in the enhanced Ideal Digital Banking, you will be able to use the enhanced Ideal Digital Banking App.

  • NOTE: You will need to uninstall any version of the Ideal CU App if you currently have it installed. Once you uninstall it, simply download it again from your device's app store for the enhanced version to work.

google play store icon 03 apple app store icon

Re-enrollment Video Guide

Important Dates & Service Availability

September 21st - 24thOnline & Mobile Banking Unavailable
  • Online & Mobile Banking will be unavailable starting Friday, September 21st at 4:30pm until the upgrade on Tuesday, September 25th.
  • Mobile Check Deposit will disable that Friday at 3:00pm.
  • Scheduled bill payments and transfers will continue to process.

Note: If you use Transaction Categories, be sure to perform one last transaction download before September 21st for your records. These will need to be reset after the upgrade. See instructions.

September 25thAll Services and Enhanced Ideal Digital Banking Available. Go Online to Re-enroll!
  • Go online to to re-enroll on Tuesday, September 25th when the enhanced Digital Banking goes live!
  • After re-enrollment, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the upgrades and download the enhanced Ideal Digital Banking app.

Open an Account


Account Type Free Checking Relationship Checking Cashback Checking Student Checking
Min. Opening Deposit $50 $50 $50  $50
Earns Interest (see tiers)      
Earns Cash Back2        
Free Ideal Debit Card 1 1
Online, Mobile Banking & Bill Pay  
ATM Access  
Optional Overdraft Protection    
Monthly Chance to Win $1,000 >
Must be 18+ 
 Make an Appointment Open Open Open  Open

1. Inactive Ideal Debit Card Fee is $4.00 if card is not used at least once per month.
2. Cash back to qualified members every time you swipe and sign. To qualify you need a minimum $200 direct deposit, one online bill payment, 5 debit card signature purchases and estatements. Monthly Cashback bonus of .25% is based on the total amount of net signature-based Ideal Debit Card purchases made during any statement cycle. Purchases authorized with a PIN or ATM transactions do not apply.

See Fees & Services

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