Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

How To Identify Fraud

Identifying fraud is sometimes easier said than done. To help avoid becoming a target, familiarize yourself with these common types of scams and learn about ways to avoid falling victim.

Always remember: Ideal Credit Union will never ask you for your Social Security number, debit card PIN or any other personal identifiable information over email or text. If you receive a communication from Ideal Credit Union that you find suspicious or are unsure of the source, do NOT click on any links, instead contact us and speak with an Ideal CU Representative.

Contact us immediately if you suspect that you've fallen victim to fraud involving your Ideal Credit Union accounts.

Always exercise caution and skepticism when dealing with unfamiliar situations or offers and remember that legitimate organizations will not pressure you for personal or financial information. Staying informed about the latest scams and educating yourself on how to recognize and avoid them is crucial in protecting yourself from fraud. Be wary of unsolicited communications, do your research, and, when in doubt, consult with trusted professionals or authorities.

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Security Resources

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Learn more about privacy, identity and online security on the Federal Trade Commission's website.